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Ksenya Kulchytska

Hatha Flow / Pilates

The yoga path of Ksenya started in 2008 in Kiev (Ukraine). Since that time, yoga has always been a part of her life. When she moved to the Netherlands, she got the chance to share her passion with others. In December 2015 she gave her first yoga class in the Netherlands. She felt a strong need to share her knowledge and inspiration with others. In October 2017, Ksenya became a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher. Mindfulness techniques and meditation exercises are always integrated in her yoga classes. By discovering different styles of yoga, such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yang and Yin, Ksenya has come to know her own style, which she calls "organic flow." During the lessons she takes you into her "organic flow" in which you discover that movement is a continuous process that takes place in your body. You learn to listen to yourself. You learn that you don't have to be flexible to practice yoga. You can just be yourself, enjoy the movements and have fun with yourself and the other participants. Each yoga class that Ksenya teaches is tailored to the group, making it a unique experience. She works with different themes, so that the focus is always on different aspects of the body and mind. In her class there is always room for fun in the poses and a healthy challenge without forcing anything.

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