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Grace Groenewegen

Nidra/Gentle/Hatha/Yin Yoga 

Yoga means a 'path' to me and since I started my personal yoga practice about 7 years ago, I was trying to find a balance of being strong but flexible on the mat as well as in every day life. A path is not a destination, so it's important to learn where he or she is in the path and accept it. I like to see yoga as something one can adapt as a lifestyle with no extremes, rather just a physical excercise and this feeling I would like to share in my classes. I will teach a nice blend of asanas mixed with breathing and meditative practices to help my students get a 'taste' of what I mean. Last but not least, I would like people to enjoy and have fun. Life is too intense and serious already, so I invite you to come to my classes to move, breath, share, cry and laugh. Treat yourself for a 'you' time. I hope to see you going with a smile on your face, feeling refreshed, fulfilled and energized.

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