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Bianca Hofman

Yin Yoga

I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Bianca Hofman. After years of working as a consultant in business, and giving Hatha Yoga in my spare time, since last year I have focused entirely on giving yoga classes at various locations and giving retreat days. After giving Hatha Yoga for many years I started to do the Yin Yoga teacher training. As a yoga teacher I fell in love with this form of yoga. With this form you can experience peace and tranquility in yourself and make a connection between body and mind. In addition, I have done various additional trainings such as yoga and meditation, yoga and breathing, pregnancy yoga and yoga and cancer. The variety of giving yoga in various forms is really my passion and inspires me. I still find it special to experience how relaxed participants are after a wonderful Yin Yoga class. I hope to meet you soon at one of my yoga classes. Namaste

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